Have you been searching for means to earn money as a Nigerian beyond 8am – 5pm jobs? I’m here to fulfill the pledge I made to myself at the beginning of this year, which is to help as many as possible Nigerians, Friends, and Families become financially independent in the year 2022.

So, I’ll take my time to explain in detail how I moved from being a University worker with a monthly salary to being a Digital Marketer and an Affiliate Marketer, who now earn even while asleep.

Before we proceed, permit me to briefly introduce myself.

I am Tobi Emmanuel, A Digital Marketing Specialist & Web Developer at MediaVaccine, Canada, and an Affiliate Marketer with Expertnaire.

March 2021, I resigned from a University in Nigeria, after realizing that my monthly salary turned to my tithe while working as a part-time affiliate marketer and web developer (through God’s grace).

Immediately after my resignation, I started my Digital Marketing Agency, TES Digitals, and PRO Developers where I train people on Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

From my experience as a marketing strategist and trainer, affiliate marketing is the best and fast paying skill I can recommend for anyone in the year 2022.

With a smartphone and a data connection, we have been able to make millions of naira from Affiliate Marketing within a short period.

Each time I remember how much I struggled to pay my school fees, feed and pay bills as a student, I see reasons to help people In such situations by freely unveiling the secret to affiliate marketing and as well train them till they start earning and fully equipped to train others in their circles.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Hmmm….. The definition seems complex right? Let’s make it simple.

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing in which you’re paid a commission for each product that you sell through a link (Affiliate Link) that would be given to you by a business or company or individual.

Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third-party to drive sales. For me, I am not a lover of any referral marketing schemes. I have chosen the path of affiliate marketing because it is simply the process of RECOMMENDING high-valued digital products to people and getting paid commissions (or money) when they buy.

To understand this better, let’s use an illustration:

Moyo owns a Shoe Making Company and she trains people on how to make shoes at the rate of 100k.

You need her help in terms of finance, but she decided to offer you a consistent flow of income by offering you 50% of every payment from any student you bring to her training session.

For a student, 50% of 100k would be 50k.

Let’s assume you decided to start marketing for her, and you bring in 10 students in a month, that is 50k x 10 = 500k.

Don’t forget, you don’t know anything about shoe-making business and you can’t even train anyone on it, but you were able to market for her to do the job, and in doing so you’ve simply made yourself 500k.

What if you’re able to bring in 100 people in a month? It Is achievable with the right digital marketing strategies (Which is the strategies I’ll be teaching you).

That is the simple way of explaining affiliate marketing.

NOTE: The only product we sell in affiliate marketing are digital products. They are not physical products.

This means that to make money as an affiliate marketer, you need not worry yourself about a physical office, all you need are your gadgets, either a good smartphone or a laptop. Data connection and a consistent supply of power, at your convenient location (Your bedroom, living room, hotel, restaurant, or while traveling).

Few affiliate marketing platforms to join and earn money.

Several websites or businesses offers affiliate marketing as one of their marketing and sales strategy, some are Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Namecheap, WhoGoHost, etc.

These are some of the websites that pay affiliates, but with a very low percentage as commission, as low as 5-10%.

Surprisingly, I came across an affiliate marketing website that gives between 40% – 50% as sales commission every Friday after making sales. I refused to believe it until I tried it out.

So, as a human, I became curious about the reason for their huge rate of commission, made my research, and got to understand that what they are selling are not physical products, but digital products that have been created once by experts, and keeps generating income for them based on the rate of its marketing.

As part of their strategy for sales, they realized that giving a percentage as high as 50% to people as the commission would drastically increase their sales, and would not reduce anything from them, but a mutual benefit to both product creator and marketer (affiliate).

What is the name of this platform?

It is called Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing. The very first day I started this program, I made 100k….. low right. I leave you to imagine how many millions of naira I have made within the last few months.

It’ll be my joy to also see young people make millions of naira with their smartphone or laptop within a short period.

Here are examples of digital products on Expertnaire.

I understand that one of the thoughts on your mind right now is “What are the products affiliate marketers sell on Expertnaire?”.

Amongst several digital products being sold on Expertnaire, here are a few:

– How to pass IELTS.
– How to Run Facebook and Instagram Ads
– Youtube Profit Blueprint
– E-commerce domination course
– How to move to Canada, Australia, and the UK.
– How to make money as a Freelancer
– 72IG Implementation Program

Why do you think people buy these products?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, every Nigerian with a business wants to learn how to grow his/her business online, hence the reason they never stopped buying those digital products that can help them grow their businesses.

Many youths are aspiring to travel out of the country, and are always in search of the right procedure, and how to pass the required examinations, hence the reason more youths keep purchasing those digital products on the Expertnaire platform.

Let me share with you a simple secret:

Expertnaire 72IG Implementation program taught me the full Digital Marketing and Web development through which I’ve been able to make millions of naira.

Over the years, I’ve wanted to understand Facebook and Instagram Ads targeting and most importantly email marketing, these are some of the best skills I got through the course I purchase from the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform.

One can register directly on the website at the rate of 10k yearly, but would not have access to the training courses which you will need to succeed as an affiliate.

These are the steps to register and begin your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

The easiest and best way to begin your affiliate marketing journey is to get the 72 Hours Income Generator program (also called 72IG Program) by Toyin Omotoso.

This is a comprehensive course and program that will teach you the digital marketing skills you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Here are what you’ll learn in the 72IG program, which is needed to succeed as an affiliate marketer and digital marketer:

  • Web Design
  • Product and Market Research
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertisement
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • Email Marketing

In addition, the following bonuses would be provided for you:

  • A 1-year FREE affiliate Expertnaire account (Value – N10,000)
  • A done-for-you Whatsapp income campaign for 3 hot selling products on Expertnaire to help you start making money as fast as possible (Value – N150,000)
  • Twitter Money Blueprint which gives you tons of free organic to your whatsapp (Value – N25,000)

How to Register for the 72IG Affiliate Marketing Program

What you’ll gain from purchasing it through us:

I’ll be adding you to my FREE DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING PLATFORM where you will learn how to make your first 1 Million in 3 months.

Here are what you’ll learn from me in the Free training:

  • Digital Marketing Simplified
  • Website Development
  • Ads Management
  • Designs
  • Social Media Management.

These digital skills will also be useful for you in growing your business.


Let’s grow together in the year 2022 and beyond.

Thank you!

Tobi Emmanuel,

Web Developer & Digital Marketing Specialist,

MediaVaccine, Canada

Founder, TES Digitals