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I’ve heard lots of people ask that “Can it be real that people are now making a minimum of 400k – 700k working on the internet from home, even without going into online frauds?”


it Saddens my heart realizing how far we have allowed the British to make us believe in Nigeria that Education, Religion and Office jobs are the only way to success when their children are working from the comfort of their homes, building software and online solutions for the world to use.


Well, I have decided to shed more light on the confusion on “AFFILIATE MARKETING”, not to convince Nigerians, but to open our minds to the possibilities of what can be achievable with the data connected smartphone in your hand.


I also didn’t realize this until I began to earn 10x my salary while working as a University staff in Ogun State, and at a time had to resign to focus more on a business that has the potential of paying more than 10 year’s salary in months.


This write-up will:

✅ Expose you to the mind-blowing possibilities of money-making via the internet.


✅ Equip you with tools and resources (The 72IG) for earning 400k or more in a month


✅ Mentor you on how you can go about it all.


To the main business👨🏻‍💻


  • What’s Affiliate Marketing?

  • What’s Expertnaire?

  • What’s 72IG?



Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money (commissions) every time you promote a company or someone’s products or services and drive a sale to their products.


Summarily, Affiliate Marketing is a chain of:

Producers or Manufacturers => Affiliate Marketers => Final Consumers 👨🏻‍💻


You know who a producer is.


And you know who a final consumer is.


Who is an Affiliate and Why Affiliate Marketers?


I am a producer, I build houses, cars or I produce shoes or clothes or bags or write books, but I don’t have the audience that can buy my products🤦🏻‍♂️ or I have the audience but I don’t know how to market my products to the audience🤦🏻‍♂️


But here is someone who gets sweet mouth and has great Marketing strategies that can sell like crazy.


Or he has or knows the audience that can buy my products


He comes to me, gets the products and sells to the audience 💶💷👨🏻‍💻


That Man is an Affiliate Marketer.


How does he get paid or how does he get money from it? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Like how does an affiliate get paid?


As the producer, I’ve already set a commission, let’s say 30% to every sale. The price of my product is 50k, when he (affiliate marketer) sells the product, he automatically gets a commission of 30% which is 15k. So, if with his sweet mouth and marketing strategy, he’s able to get 10 buys in a week, that’s 10x15k = 150k in a week 💶👨🏻‍💻 woww right….😀


Now, “What’s Expertnaire” (The latest noise in town) 😀


Shebi you know Jumia, Konga, Ali-express, Clickbank, Hubspot, Exacttarget, Marketo etc. where you go to buy things online..


Expertnaire is just like them.


The ones mentioned earlier are controlled by white people, and unfortunately, many of them don’t accept Nigerians. Probably they always feel we are all fraudulent, but it’s a big surprise to them as Nigeria now has one of the biggest Affiliate marketing platform.😀, Expertnaire, owned and controlled by a very trusted, and highly esteemed Nigerian “Toyin Omotoso” by name (you can check it on Google 😉).


Expertnaire is also an online market platforms like Jumia or Konga where you buy a product to satisfy your wants… U gerrit?….😉 Just that Expertnaire deals with only Digital Products and gives a huge commission as high as 50% on many of their products.


What’s now the link between Affiliate Marketing and Expertnaire? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 👉🏼


In every online marketing platform, there are three categories of people:

1. The Vendors

2. The Affiliates

3. The Buyers


The Vendors are the producers or the manufacturers, they produce their products and place them on Marketing platforms like Expertnaire, then the Affiliate Marketers take the products to the needed Buyers or convince the audience to become Buyers of the products using digital marketing skills through the online media.


So, on Expertnaire, they have Vendors who register on the platform and then place their products on it for sale, they also have Affiliate Marketers who register to promote the products placed by the vendors and then they have buyers who buy the products… You gerrit now bah😉


And as I previously explained, the Affiliates are paid based on the commission on the product…. The more he brings traffics and convert the traffics to buyers, the more he gets paid 💷…. and there are lots of highly demanded products on their marketplace to pick, sell and earn commissions from.


“What is 72IG?”


This is the real deal😀 that many don’t understand… I’ll blast it for you don’t worry 🤓💵👨🏻‍💻

Don’t forget that, the more product you sell, the more money you earn as commission.

If you have the unique digital marketing strategies to sell 1 million products in a day, good for you, and if you don’t even have the skills to sell one, don’t worry, that is why i’m taking time to explain this to you.


What’s 72IG?


72IG simply means 72 Income Generator.


What’s now the meaning of the 72 before it?? 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄


The 72 before it means 72hrs 🕛, so 72IG = 72hrs Income Generator


E shock you???😀


Let’s continue👨🏻‍💻


What’s the Content of 72IG? 🤷🏻‍♂️


72IG (72hrs Income Generator) is a product that contains series of digital skills like Copywriting, Content Development, Website Development or Website Design, Email Marketing, Graphics Design, Information Marketing, Social Management, Facebook Ads or Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, WhatsApp Marketing etc. Talk of any digital skill, it’s there


Wonderful right🤓


72IG Implementation Program is a powerfully exhaustive training course that will teach you in practical how to make the money with your smartphone (or laptop).


You get to learn how to use social media to your advantage including how to turn WhatsApp to a money generating app🏧.


72IG implementation program will teach you all the skills needed to succeed as an affiliate marketer that realizes millions with skills such as:


  • Copywriting

  • Sales funnel

  • Email campaign & Email Marketing

  • Facebook ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Twitter Marketing

  • Whatsapp income generator

  • Graphics design

  • Twitter income blueprint.

  • plus additional 3months Mentorship & Coaching and a lifetime access to all the trainings.

  • Also an affiliate marketing account on expertnaire would be created and setup for you.

  • And so on.

Normally, if you’re to buy each of these courses online, you’ll get it at nothing less than 20k each, I have a friend (E-connect Media, AAUA) that sells Information Marketing and WhatsApp Blueprint for, I think 15k each. I bought one then😉


So, multiply 20k by each of those courses, maybe you’ll get something like 400k or more🤷🏻‍♂️


And Toyin Omotoso is giving out the program that has all these skills with an affiliate account created for you on the expertnaire platfomr for just 60k🤞🏻


That’s why a lot of people are rushing the product. I tell you, believe me, what’s inside that 72IG is more than the price…🤞🏻


Why now 72hrs? 😀


The answer is, If you add all the minutes of each video of the courses in 72IG together, it’s equivalent to 72hrs. Meaning that before you can effectively understand everything inside the course or program (If you don’t know them before) you have to at least spend 72hrs which is equivalent to 3 days on the course, and then you start implementing all that you have learnt to market any product you select from the affiliate marketing account they will open for you, and begin to make that unbelievable massive sales and amount using your smartphone or laptop.


If you’re faithful to it, you can never remain the same again, trust me👨🏻‍💻


Imagine you’re able to sell more than just 10 products of 100k, with 50% commission on each product…🤷🏻‍♂️ That’s why you’re seeing the testimonies of people making 500k and above in a month or some a week on expertnaire and you’re like how possible😂 Can it be real?


Also, if you don’t want to be an Affiliate Marketer selling products on their platform, if you grab any skill from the skills inside the 72IG and you learn it diligently, I tell you that, the skill alone can fetch you millions (I have a Friend who learnt Website Design from there and he’s building sites massively with cool big money now).

Everything you want to know about Digital Marketing is embedded in the 72Hours Income Generator Program.


I feel this is enough for today.


To know more or register on Expertnaire as an affiliate, or to get the 72IG Program which also gives you automatic account and marketing dashboard on expertnaire, follow the link below:




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